The Metropolitan Energy Commission was established in 1980 with the mission of "serving as a catalyst for the City of Tucson and Pima County to build a more sustainable energy future in the region." It is funded jointly by the City of Tucson and Pima County. The Commission has been instrumental in developing the Community of Civano Project, formerly known as the Tucson Solar Village, completed the strategic Energy Plan for the area, and participated in the development of a Sustainable Energy Standard for Tucson and Pima County.

Members of the Commission include a broad cross-section of energy professionals and citizens:

  • Nader Chalfoun
    University of Arizona
  • William Cunningham P.E.
    Southwest Solar
  • Linda Douglas
    Tucson Electric Power Company
  • John Eisele
    The Green Choice Inc.
  • Jimmy L. Ford, Sr.
    Pima Association of Governments
  • Bahman Gharib, Phd.,P.E.
    Southwest Gas Corp.
  • Vincent Hunt
    City of Tucson, Dept. of Operations
  • Hyman Kaplan, P.E., IALD
    Hy-Lite Design
  • Katharine Jackson Kent, P.E., CEM
    The Solar Store Treasurer
  • Michael Nicksic
    Media Consultant
  • Valerie Rauluk
    Venture Catalyst Inc. Chairman
  • Jeffrey Schlegel
    Utility Consultant Vice Chairman
  • Mary Webber
    Community Activist
  • Joel V. Wagner, P.E., CEM
    APS Energy Services Company
  • Bekki Booth
    BTB Solutions
  • Dr. Helen Bayly
  • Joy Lyndes, RLA

The Commission produces an annual report of its activities and accomplishments during the previous fiscal year. Click here to read the most recent MEC annual report.

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